Meet the WiBX

WiBX is like that, exchange likes for money. Just share the products and services of that brand you like.

Share and earn WiBX to exchange for products, services and money.

Exactly, we’re talking about real money here.

Would you like?

Does your company want?

Check out this video of our last event, here:


Do you want it?

You get it.

Does your customer get a chance?

Of course.

Everyone wins with WiBX.


We have our own online store where your WiBX is transformed into products and services. 


Smash that “share” button. The more you share, more WiBX falls into your account.

Access your wallet

It is not witchcraft, it is technology.

Secure transactions through your WiBX Wallet. A world of possibilities that even seems like magic: you can buy in establishments that accept our token, you can exchange your WiBX in our nice store for products and services.

Or … (are you sitting?). You can even exchange your WiBX on exchanges for cash and other types of cryptocurrencies.

Or even: transfer freely between other WiBX wallets at any time.

What are you waiting for?
Open yours now!

Access loyalty

If you share, you already know how to do it.

Every day we share content on social networks, am I wrong? Now, imagine yourself getting paid for it?


You can put our name on the walk of fame.

We are everywhere:


Partner is partner, the rest you already know.

There are a lot of people who trust our job, look at them:

Look at this Blog
we made.

To learn about the financial world and other things in an easy way.

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